Feb, 2016

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Will This Be the Year of the CMTO?

According to Gartner’s latest CMO spending survey, marketers are spending a third of their budget on technology, and it's no surprise, considering that technology drives the majority of marketing campaigns today.

This rapid shift towards tech-driven marketing has happened fairy recently, and within five years, the CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO. The vastly complicated ecosystem means that CMOs are going to have to become more tech savvy if they want to leverage technology to accelerate business.

While Gartner reports that 80% of of major advertisers say they have a chief marketing technology office in role if not in title, many are operating at a mid-management level, acting as more of a bridge between IT and Marketing. Heading into 2016, it will be imperative that the CMTO's role move into the C-suite, allowing them to break down silos between IT and marketing, and fully integrate a digital mindset into all aspects of the business. 

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See The World's 40 Best Technology Driven Marketing Approaches

In the latest of our "top 40" series, R3 has invested time to identify the worlds 40 best tech-driven marketing approaches in our report - AdTech 40. The digital ecosystem is expanding at breakneck speeds, and R3 was driven to identify the upcoming tech trends by client requests to look for best practice when integrating digital both into their own working processes, as well as into their agency relationships.

The 40 winning case studies span all types of technology – from data driven targeting and social listening, to outdoor experiences and virtual reality – and all different categories. Through the results we identified 10 key tech trends, as well as highlighted digital best practice for marketing teams and agencies alike. 

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The Q4 2015 R3View is Here

The last quarter of 2015 is fully covered here in the Q4 R3View – an ongoing report of holding company and agency performance in financials, mergers and acquisition, new business and talent management.

This is the first year we've been able to accurately accrue global new business wins by holding group to track how they are performing.

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