Nov, 2016

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Combating the Agency Compensation Crunch

Agencies have never had a harder time getting paid, according to this recent Digiday interview with four agency heads. Constantly forced to do more with less, they offered some insights on how agencies can “combat the crunch.”

  1. Be flexible with compensation models
  2. Have straightforward, honest discussions about fees
  3. Don’t use a blanket approach for all relationships
  4. Leverage talent to face disruption head-on

Compensation models are a complex but incredibly important part of client-agency relationships, and there are distinct best practices for each type of agency.

See our quick guide to fee structures here, and the full white paper here.

The 40 Most Enduring Client-Agency Relationships Worldwide

In today's shifting world of client-agency relationships, maintaining a strong global marriage has never been harder. Marketers are taking more capabilities in-house, top talent are leaving agencies for tech havens and transparency issues are coming to the forefront. Against this backdrop, R3 recently released a new report to identify the best client-agency relationships worldwide - Global 40. Through this research, we identified those marriages that have stood the test of time to produce real business results, as well as identified the six secrets of a great global marriage.

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Don't Miss Our Quarterly Industry Wrap-up

Our quarterly wrap-up of the marketing industry, the R3View, is out now. The biggest stories of Q3, including P&G's reworking of their agency structure, growing ad spend in the US, Global 40 and our recent KOL white paper are all included. Also in the report is our most recent creative and media New Business League, Holding Company M&A and quarterly financials, and the biggest CMO and agency people movement of the last three months.

To access the full report, please click here.

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Through our regular "AgencyScope" research, now covering more than 1,000 marketers in China, India and other markets, we are learning about true client preferences for the best local agencies in each market and helping agency holding groups form strategic partnerships with the best local agencies.
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