Nov, 2015

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What the World's Top CMOs Expect from Their Agencies

Last month in the US, more than 2,700 industry delegates gathered for the annual ANA “Masters of Marketing” conference, a unique opportunity to hear directly from the CMOs of Mondelez, Pepsi and others about how they see their businesses changing and how agencies can help. For agencies, there were a couple of important themes.

  1. Stop talking about “Digital marketing" and just talk about marketing” – so said Brad Jakeman of Pepsi.
  2. Don’t be the “800 pound gorilla living in the Unicorn World” declared Mondelez’s Dana Anderson in a cry for nimbleness.
  3. Content matters – more than ever – GE’s new CMO , Linda Boff showcased a bunch of great examples.

Watch the five minute highlights video here.

See the Latest in Agency M&A, Financials and New Business

Hot off the presses this week, our Q3 R3VIEW, we look at the biggest moves of the year from both new business as well as with M&A. Despite winning far less individual wins than other global agencies, Wieden+Kennedy remains on top of our global league, bring in global assignments this month from Reckitt’s and P&G. Starcom’s global Visa scoop saw them move to top of the media agency table.

To see how the holding companies stack up for the year, along with CMOs and Agency Leaders on the move, click here to download.

Click here for the latest Agency new business tables.

How MasterCard is Leading the Way on E-commerce

The growth of e-commerce is something that is going to impact every marketer and agency – and it's global payments companies like MasterCard that are leading the way. We were fortunate recently to support them in an e-commerce position paper for Asia Pacific. 

To download your copy, click here.

AdTech 40 - Call for Submissions

R3 is conducting a global study of the best technology driven marketing approaches called “AdTech 40.”  We’re reaching out to the best agencies and marketers for submissions. 

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