Dec, 2017

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What Makes a Future Fit CMO?

What tools are today's global CMOs going to need to building up a Modern Marketing Playbook and guide their organizations through the digital transformation journey? This is the question that R3 sought out to answer at the onset of the writing of our latest book, Global CMO: Best Practice in Marketing Effectiveness & Efficiency Across the Planet. Through interviews with the CMOs of 15 leading marketing firms, including GE, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Mastercard, Lenovo, Mattel and several others, we are identifying the pain points facing today's marketing leaders and compiling best practices to help the CMO of tomorrow stay "future fit." 

The book will launch in February of 2018.

Facebook's Influence Continues To Grow

Facebook's growing influence in the digital space has been heavily reported since the 2016 election. However, the significance of their reach was highlighted again this morning when the online giant's photo sharing social network, Instagram, announced they have reached 25 million business profiles on the platform. Business profiles were only launched in early 2016, and this rapid growth rate is coupled by other impressive statistics, like the fact that more than 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business, with 200 million users visiting a business profile every day. This signifies a shift in consumer willingness to engage with brands, and an even bigger responsibility on the part of Facebook to keep its transparency standards up to date. 

Facebook's ad transparency feature went live this month, and Instagram is included in the initiative. 

Can the Disrupted Become the Disruptor?

Everyone knows about the disruption that companies like Airbnb and Uber have caused in the travel and hospitality industry. What they might not know, is that traditional brands are starting to fight back. Our Principal Consultant, Seema Punwani, recently took a look at the ways that hotel brands can combat - and even win against - the growing influence of the disruptors. Some of the tactics she identified were overhauling loyalty programs to give consumers the personalized experience they crave, leveraging their financial prowess to make smart acquisitions, and building an ecosystem of the right partners. 

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