Aug, 2017

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Nine Companies Changing Retail With Big Data

Why are traditional retailers closing their doors left and right? According to a recent article from CIO.com, it is because they are failing to adapt to the latest in retail technology trends. Retail is in a constant state of flux, and consumers are demanding a tech-savvy, personalized experience. However, there are several companies that are leveraging big data to solve many of the problems that traditional retailers are facing. These solutions range from an AI-powered retail assistant, all the way to real-time physical store monitoring

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I Know What You Did Last Summer

One year out from the explosive ANA Media Transparency Report, what is the state of transparency today? Has anything changed? According to a new report from the ANA, there is a new issue the industry needs to address: production. In R3's Principal, Greg Paull's analysis of the latest report from the ANA, he wrote, "While I totally support all the content and conclusions, I feel it lacks the gumshoe style analysis of the one from a year ago. Not all summer sequels are as good as the original. That said, marketers should still be sure to react to this report in multiple ways." 

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Dentsu, WPP and Accenture are Big Buyers in July

From our most recent round of marketing M&A tracking, it is safe to say that a pattern is emerging: the big acquirers in 2017 appear to be Dentsu, WPP and Accenture. Dentsu is focusing on digital/market intelligence operations – in line with its biggest buy recently, performance marketing agency Merkle in the US. WPP is focusing on continental Europe and Accenture is adding a range of creative companies to its massive consultancy operation, specifically Accenture Interactive

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