Feb, 2018

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The Year of the Chief Growth Officer

In Forrester's predictions for what this year will hold for Chief Marketing Officers, one word takes center stage: growth. They predict that chasing disruptive growth will lead to the rise of a new C-suite executive - the Chief Growth Officer. Several leading marketers have already headed down that path, including Coca-Cola. Traditionally, most organizations trusted marketing departments to drive leads, sales departments to acquire customers, and the BD departments to drive partnerships and secure funding. Now, many customers can be halfway down the purchase funnel before engaging with a company. These digitally savvy customers have clearly identified their problem, evaluated potential solutions, and often have compared prices before speaking with a sales person. More than ever, BD, sales, marketing, and product development are connected and must work together. A CGO can optimize business for growth and profitability across all of these departments with a "growth hacker" mentality. 

The Six Big Consumer Touchpoints of 2018

The explosion of consumer touchpoints and the growing prevalence of ad blocking requires marketers to find new ways for brands to connect with consumers throughout their daily lives and their purchase decision journey. These six touchpoints are going to be increasingly prevalent in marketing strategies in 2018.  

  1. Beacons - can help marketers learn about specific consumer segments
  2. Wearables - can deepen engagement and connectivity with consumers
  3. Chatbots - help marketers interact with consumers across several chat interfaces 
  4. VR Glasses - are helping brands up their gamification strategies 
  5. Connected Cars - can help marketers understand driving habits to develop targeting strategies 
  6. Voice-Powered Search - there will be 67 million connected devices by 2019

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The Future of Consumer Electronics is Voice Activated

Expanding on voice activated consumer touchpoints, in a recent CMO.com article, they reported that voice-assistant sales grew 103% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2017. Their analysis is based on aggregated consumer data comprised of over 55 billion visits to more than 250 retailers in the United States. Another component of the research is a survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers. They report that over half of voice assistant owners use their units at least once a day. The value of this data for marketers is going to be astronomical, but the debate on "how far is too far?" when using voice assistants in marketing has already begun

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