Dec, 2018

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WPP's Ultimate Makeover Includes Eliminating 'Digital' from Agency Vocabulary

In its extended investor day conference on December 12, WPP CEO Mark Read presented the ultimate makeover plan for the agency - shed 3,500 jobs, hire 1,000 new staff, close 80 offices and re-engineer its talent for a new economy. Call the refashioned and revived WPP a "creative transformation company" or a company that has experienced a "radical evolution," but never call it an agency for a "digital economy." This is WPP's attempt to sit across every touchpoint, from communications, experience, commerce and technology. 

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Can This 47-Year-Old Print Company Build An Agency of Tomorrow?

It's not just holding companies which are looking to create the agency of the future, Quad/Graphics, a printing firm built on magazines and direct mail has acquired the Minneapolis-based ad agency Periscope to "answer clients' needs" without "asking the clients to compromise in the same way a holding company would." What does that mean? No more "pushing the services of another agency, whether or not those services are right for the client."  

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Diageo Calls In Diversity Statistics of Its Media & Advertising Agencies

Do you know how your agency scores in terms of gender diversity in leadership, creative teams and pay gap? If one of your clients is Diageo, if you didn't know now, you'll be finding out real soon. Syl Saller, Chief Marketing Officer at the spirits company has issued a letter to every agency contracted by Diageo to release their data on gender diversity. No penalties for less than satisfactory diversity records have been announced - yet. 

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Think of MightyHive As An In-House Agency Coach - for Brands

It's definitely not just smooth sailing for the 78 percent of brands that are creating "some kind of internal structure." As more clients work on developing their own in-house agencies, a demand is also growing for assistance in finding talent and training organisations to integrate, says Greg Paull, principal at brand consultancy R3. MightyHive runs "partnerships" that run from six months to two years. Their business model? Develop transition plans, provide training and services to bridge the gap during a transition, and provide consultancy services post move to in-house.

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