May, 2018

Welcome to the latest EnSpire, our proprietary quarterly consumer tracking study in China.
A New Type of E-Commerce Arises in China

In China, e-commerce is shifting into a new phase that be described as "entertain-merce." As e-commerce platforms get a better hold of consumer data, they have been collaborating with brands to create more on-target content to attract traffic and conversion, as well as driving bigger social buzz and longer-term loyalty. 

The strategy for promotions starts from a shopping festival (like 11.11), then grows into more consumer insight driven celebrations. It's shifted beyond trying to appeal to consumers' basic discount seeking motivations, and is now about trying to embed campaigns with more human reasons for purchase.

What resonates with today's Chinese consumer is more cross brand & platform collaborations featuring out-of-box ideas.

Providing More Opportunities for Brand Communication 

In 2015, Tmall launched its “Super Brand Day,” aiming to distinguish itself from their competitors by helping brands conduct their communication approach instead of solely being a sales channel.  As a part of “Super Brand Day," Tmall cooperated with several brands to created a series of campaigns, and it since has become an alternative communication channel for marketers. Several well-known brands have participated in this event with Tmall, including Macy'sFitbit and Renault

Top Ten Campaigns of Q1

The top ten campaigns of Q1 were dominated by the food and beverage category. With Coca-Cola taking the top spot for their City Bottle Campaign (link in Chinese), with KFC, Snickers and Dove Chocolate also in the top ten. See the full list below. 

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EnSpire is a proprietary quarterly consumer tracking study conducted by R3 in China to measure the ENgagement and aSPIRation of brands online.
From digital awareness, involvement and enagement, we aim to bring more transparency to the investment made in Earned, Own and Paid media.
A panel of 3,000 consumers in 20 cities respond to our survey.
In addition, we invest in media and creative tracking to 'close the loop' on the cause and effect of brand engagement.
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