Jul, 2016

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The Data is in: China's Advertiser-Agency Relationships

Reflecting the ongoing global debate on agency rebates and media buying mark-ups, Campaign took a renewed look at the sixth wave of R3 and SCOPEN's biennial Agency Scope study.To visualize the immense amount of data we collected over the course of conducting interviews with over 700 senior marketers, we created five infographics to cover the most important selection criteria for creative and media agencies, the duration of relationships, compensation methods, and the most respected company for their marketing.

The Q2 R3view is out Now

The second quarter of 2016 is covered fully here in the Q2 R3view - an ongoing report of the industry’s biggest stories, holding company and agency performance in financials, mergers and acquisition, new business and talent management.

In this issue we cover the industry’s biggest stories, like the ANA rebate report, Brexit, Cannes and our new EMEA Managing Director, Nick Elliott. We also have some great insights on Q1 and Q2’s combined M&A tracking (like the fact that 53% of all deals targeted digital assets).

Click here for the full report.

The Four Implications of Pokemon Go for the Marketing Industry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s been impossible to miss the Pokemon Go craze that is sweeping the world. The mobile game is the first of its kind in the field of augmented reality, quickly capturing the attention of people everywhere. Brands were quick take notice, and McDonald’s was the first to forge a corporate sponsorship coordinating with the game’s launch in Japan. We predict the game will have four major implications on marketing:

1.       Augmented Reality Marketing is here

2.       Mobile is the glue between online and offline

3.       Consumers are more open to AR than we thought

4.       Virtual Reality is not far off

Read our in-depth analysis here.

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