Jun, 2017

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Mary Meeker's Top 5 Things for 2017

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends is one of the industry's most anticipated reports. The 2017 report released in early June is a 355 page report on all things digital. The report is chock-full of great data, but these five statistics stood out among the crowd.

  • Brands are leveraging user-generated content on social like never before, over 70% of Qatar Airway's content on Instagram is UGC.
  • Social media is driving accountability, 82% of customers stopped doing business with a company after a bad experience.
  • E-Commerce is booming - retail store closings may hit a 20 year record, with an estimated 7,000 stores to close by the end of this year.
  • It's the rise of the robots, with over 50% of internet traffic attributed to bots.
  • The IoT continues to dominate, over 25% of Americans own a wearable device.

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Mastercard, Subway, IBM & MBS Discuss Digital Transformation

At a recent event hosted by R3 and Mediacorp dubbed Asia Executive Insights, marketing leaders gathered in Singapore to discuss digital transformation and review the new findings from R3's latest publication, Asia CMO: Driving Brand Growth. The event consisted of two keynote speeches and a lively panel discussion covering everything from leveraging data to finding agency partners. Particularly interesting was the new data from the Asia CMO book, including the fact that staying ahead of digital technology is keeping 24% of asia-based marketers up at night. Shufen Goh, Principal of R3, asserted that, "Marketers are not spending enough time inspiring and getting the right stakeholders along in the transformation," and many panelist agreed and discussed their own "digital journeys" throughout the discussion. 

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Unilever's Keith Weed Tops Forbe's List Of Most Influential CMOs

What does it take to be the named the world's most influential CMO? According a recent report from Forbes, Sprinklr and LinkedIn, a CMO's influence is measured by four factors: impact on brand performance, impact on brand awareness, external and internal influence, and influence on peers. The study found that Keith Weed, marketing leader of Unilever, was the most influential CMO in the world right now. The report sites his engagement on social, as well as Unilever business and marketing performance as major factors in their selection. The top 10 is dominated by tech companies, with the CMOs of HP, Apple, GE, Twitter, Samsung and Cisco making the list.

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