Jul, 2017

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Is Your Agency a One And Only?

It was Jerry Garcia of that old time rock band, The Grateful Dead, who inspires us every day to get better. His famous quote was “You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only one who does what you do.”

Applying this to the agency space has never been a bigger challenge. The industry is filled with “Jack of All Trades” multi-taskers when clients are increasingly demanding specialization. We encourage agencies to maintain their focus and be ‘famous for something.' Tim Williams, a truly leading consultant on agency best practice, recently wrote a great blog post on this. Sighting Anomaly as one example, the agency also performs consistently at the top of the R3 New Business League.

You can read more of Tim’s insight here

Big Moves On The Latest New Business League

On our latest creative new business league, McCann WorldGroup and Ogilvy held on to the top spots, while J. Walter Thompson moved into third after winning the global Qatar Financal Center and Subway Australia business. Over on the media table, Horizon Media made their first appearance of the year in third place, after their massive Sprint US win. Mediacom and Mindshare continue with their strong performance, holding onto the 1st and 2nd place spots for the month of June.

To see the full table, click here

Do Your Client Relationships Need Counseling?

Like any relationship, the partnership between a marketer and its agency will undoubtedly come up against challenges. Yet, according to R3's latest research on client/agency relationship trends, today’s alliances last only 3.2 years on average. So what’s the problem? Leveraging insights from its marriage counseling services and research reports, R3's Melissa Lea will share what’s necessary for long-lasting agency-client relationship at the upcoming Adage Small Agency Conference in Nashville. Hope to see you there!

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