Apr, 2017

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Transform or Die: Navigating the Future of Marketing

After attending last month's Brite Conference, our Principal & Co-Founder, Greg Paull, recently took the time to share some key learnings and best practice from the event. One thing became clear: marketing has gone through such a fundamental change in the last five years -- it's time to transform or die. The event yielded several great insights, such as four key areas of consideration for investment & innovation going forward, and a five-point Digital Transformation playbook.

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The Seven Personas of The Modern CMO

Of all the C-Suite roles, the CMO is the most recently-created and the mostly likely to vary widely across different organization and sectors. For a role that largely didn't exist outside of FMCG companies over a decade ago, the role has undergone rapid transformation. Marketing is no longer considered "the fluffy stuff," and CMOs are expected to be a jack of all trades all while presenting hard ROI. According to a recent CMO.com article, there are seven dominate CMO personas in the business today, ranging from "The Growth-Hacker" to "The Strategist." Beacause of this diversity, they assert, "it’s the most exciting and dynamic role in the entire C-suite." 

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CMOs Tackle Digital Transformation, Integration at NYC Roundtable

In response to the high demand to find solutions to the many challenges posed to CMOs by the changing marketing landscape, R3 recently held a Digital Transformation Roundtable in New York in February. The event connected senior marketers from companies such as Converse, Hershey’s, Unilever, HSBC, Coca-Cola, GSK and several other to discuss best practice. The discussion yielded several great insights, with four key themes emerging by the end of the day: curing the “legacy disease,” leveraging internal and external resources, increasing your integration IQ and hiring the right talent.

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