Mar, 2016

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74% of Marketers Question Programmatic Approach

According to the 2016 ANA Forrester Marketer Study, a whopping 74% of marketers know that they definitely (or probably) have a non-transparent relationship with their programmatic agency. 

This is a huge issue, primarily because twice as many marketers are buying programmatically than they were two years ago. However, the number or marketers who are increasingly worried about inventory fraud and agency/trading desk transparency (or lack thereof) has also dramatically increased. 

US tracking firm WhiteOps, found that ‘non-human’ impressions varied from between 3% to 37% and that this would account for about $7.2b globally, so marketers obviously have a reason to be concerned. 

Clearly, the collective media industry has a way to go to drive more transparency and results.

To see the full R3 report from ANA’s Media Conference, click here.

See The World's 40 Best Technology Driven Marketing Approaches

In the latest of our "top 40" series, R3 has invested time to identify the worlds 40 best tech-driven marketing approaches in our report - AdTech 40. The digital ecosystem is expanding at breakneck speeds, and R3 was driven to identify the upcoming tech trends by client requests to look for best practice when integrating digital both into their own working processes, as well as into their agency relationships.

The 40 winning case studies span all types of technology – from data driven targeting and social listening, to outdoor experiences and virtual reality – and all different categories. Through the results we identified 10 key tech trends, as well as highlighted digital best practice for marketing teams and agencies alike. 

To find out more about R3's AdTech 40, please write to Kayleigh@rthree.com.

DDB and MediaCom Lead the New Business League

In our first global New Business League of 2016, DDB jumped to the number one spot for creative agencies off the back of several wins, including Time Warner US, Jeep North America, and Alfa Romeo US. The media agency table saw a significant shake up, with Mediacom shifting from number seven to number one with a large win from Sony, and Initiative jumping to second place all the way from sixteenth.

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