Jul, 2015

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CFOs Migrating Their Role in Marketing

The much maligned CFO is being reborn as an important fuel to better marketing, as Big Data, Market Mix Modelling and Finance come together to drive better results. Last month, Twitter announced that its CFO is going to take over marketing. From our own experiences, we have also seen the coming together of the two departments . 

Recently we hosted two sets of ten CFOs in a series of Roundtables to better understand their issues and challenges and help drive greater transparency to marketing.  Finance heads from Coca-Cola, P&G, AirBnB, Standard Chartered Bank, Fonterra, Ferrero, Johnson & Johnson and others helped network, share best practice and align on digital.

Three key outcomes were:

1. Marketing is becoming more deeply ingrained to finance

2. CFOs are expecting more than just an advisory role – many are already actively engaged in budget setting and audits

3. Digital is no longer just a channel or buzzword, it’s the key foundational aspect of any strategy

You can read more about the roundtable here.

You can read an analysis from R3’s Senior Consultant, Seema Punwani here.

ANA is Leading a Transparency Taskforce

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US has taken the unprecedented step of launching a massive review on media transparency. Spurred on by recent comments from former MediaCom CEO Jon Mandel on media agency profitability, this process aims to clear the air on media rebates and help drive better outcomes.

See the full story here.

We’ve always been strong believers on this process, and we are currently leading a number of global, regional and local financial audits to this end, see more here.

See the World’s Best Integration Models Here

Last month, R3 invested time to assess 40 of the best examples of integrated marketing – from a process, as well as creative and results perspective. 

We identified Six Degrees of Integration as a result – the six different ways marketers are connecting with their agencies.

See more here.

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