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Digital ROI

Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking:

Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking is a tailor-made study that helps you gain a thorough understanding of your digital ecosystem performance against the competition. R3 has developed Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking to help answer two major questions from marketers:

  • Where does my brand stand among the competition in the digital space?
  • How can I do better in digital marketing the future?

The categories commonly used for a digital benchmarking study

How will it help?

Combining third-party data sets with our rich consulting experience, R3’s tailor-made Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking study scores the digital performance of both you and your key competitors – you will see exactly where you rank across all digital assets.

Based on our comprehensive understanding of your competitors in the digital space, we provide key learnings and takeaways, and offer actionable recommendations to assist you with the next step in digital.

Who does the work?

Every Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking is led by an R3 Principal, and supported by a team of three experts to conduct in-depth research, data analysis and benchmarking. With rich experience in digital, we use our knowledge to add value to your digital marketing processes.

How is it done?

With our rich data sources, we are able to take an in-depth look at the major digital touch-points of your competition.

Website, e-commerce, mobile, social media and digital paid media are the categories commonly used for a digital benchmarking study; however, we adjust the detailed scoring items on a case by case basis according to the nature the client’s industry.

What is EnSpire?

Establishing the ROI of digital, mobile and social is an ongoing challenge for marketers and corporate asset managers alike.

Enspire is R3’s unique cross-category research tool that offers marketers in China a single source measurement tool to track the performance of their digital assets.

We’ve been tracking China marketing trends and best practices as part of our Olympic Benchmarking study every quarter since 2006. With our store of rich historical data and experience, we aim to help you improve your asset management intelligence.

How will it help?

Data-based decision making in all aspects of talent and asset management.

More detailed insights into the impact of all the elements of the marketing mix.

EnSpire Index - Looks beyond brand preference, but also awareness, engagement and Involvement.

Who does the work?

Our research team and external partners have more experience in China on multinational and local brands than any other study. We have a rare, collective mix of knowledge that allows us to continually improve and add value to the results.

How is it done?

Research methodology

Beyond detailed quarterly reports, EnSpire introduces a dashboard format to simplify talent and asset performance benchmarking.

For more information about R3 Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking, please contact Greg Paull

Benchmark & Improve Your Social Media and E-Commerce in China 

The one-of-kind digital ecosystem in China can present marketers with several unique challenges, including the critical role of social networks in shaping consumer perception and driving behavior, the lack of transparency in the e-commerce landscape, and the massive and very distinct ecosystem that can drive a gap between local teams and global leadership.

In 2016, R3 invested in Bomoda, a China focused software and insights firm, to drive independent benchmarks for marketers. Bomoda’s unique capabilities allow us to provide diverse offerings to brands across social and e-commerce. Our social analytics, which include daily updates of KPIs, can analyze popularity, engagement and location metrics, track digital influencers and breakdown social content created by brands and users.

Our capability to track e-commerce metrics on a weekly basis include transactions, pricing, total sales, top locations of resellers, comments and reviews, and several more features. Bomoda can also index nearly any vertical or industry, providing a brand with insights not only into its own KPIs, but also into competitor evaluation and overall industry trends.

Our complex proprietary methodology progresses from stage one of large scale data collection to the development of a customized dashboard designed to help brands alleviate their pain points in the Chinese market.