Return On Agencies

Agency Review

What is an R3 Review?

Like an Executive Recruitment Consultant helping you find new staff, R3’s Review Process helps you reduce risk and maximize the value of your new agency hire. We leverage our latest agency market insights and benchmarks for fees to conduct a thorough and efficient search process.

Our objective is to create a long term mutually profitable partnership of talent that will drive brand and BUSINESS GROWTH.

How will it help?

Greater Insight R3 is the leader in global, regional and local work in this area. We know how agencies tick.

A Long-Term Fit We don’t get paid by agencies for a review. We get paid to establish long term marriages

Maximized ROI We maintain benchmark costs of marketing, media and fees for all types of services – Advertising, Media, Digital, CRM. Leveraging our extensive benchmarks on agency costs, we help you drive best value.

Accountability and Transparency We aim to put in place talent and compensation terms that will reap you ROI for many years to come- ensuring you get the level of transparency and accountability in the relationship right from the start.

Who does the work?

Every review is led by an R3 Principal or Senior Consultant supported by our research team. Collaborating with more than 50 marketers and 200 agencies annually, we leverage our independent ‘insider’ expertise to assist you in identifying, reviewing, and compensating the best agency partners for your business.

How is it done?

We follow a consistent seven step process fine-tuned over hundreds of reviews to ensure a long-term fit with the agency you select at the end of it- wrapping up with a six month review to make sure you made the right choice.

Client needs assessment

Detailed needs analysis

Tailored approach

The universe

A whole world of possibilities.

A long list of agency choices

Face to face with R3

We invest your time so

you don’t have to

Informed credentials

Prepared agencies with

insight and focus

Finalist Round

Engaged agencies, analyzed

by R3 client research

Partner alignment

Setting compensation and

incentive structures

Half year review

Evaluation and review of client

and appointed agency