Q1 2014
Welcome to EnSpire, our quarterly report
on the state of Online Engagement in China.
In the latest wave of R3’s proprietary consumer research on digital
engagement, fast food brands, and tech and sport companies lead the way.
KFC dominated the overall recall and connection with two of the six top campaigns led by the campaign to see who can represent KFC.

The fast food brand leapt ahead of Samsung, who had a relatively quiet quarter, prior to the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch recently.

The fastest mover this wave was McDonald’s , who increased their EnSpire score by 34% off the
back of more impactful promotional promotional messages – particularly strong in online video.
To see all the Top 50 online digital brands in China,
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We’re fortunate to work with iResearch to be able to track Return on Digital Investment. In this
wave, KFC’s investment was four fold lower than Samsung - and eight times lower than L’Oreal –
with the recall and impact of the KFC work shone through.
Clear messages for Marketshare are – if you intend to invest in marketing in China and Asia you
need the potential to independently measure your ROI.
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