Online efficiency in China has seen a breakthrough at the end of year 2014, according to our latest quarterly study of EnSpire, a tracking of brands in the digital domain.

Measured media spending in Q4 has increased by 34% since Q2 2014, accompanied with the increment in ability to gain awareness. Although more and more brands clutter the online environment, the cost for gaining every 1% of awareness has dropped by 44%.

This is showing marketers have put better focus in their messaging and communication to stand out from the clutter.

In the most recent results, there were some surprising new brands in the top ten for the first time.  

While Samsung was in the top position, two brands were close behind, spending 5-10 times less than the Korean giant.
  • Sprite, for a long time living in the shadow of Coke and Pepsi for recall, moved into 2nd position this wave with a smart new Halloween campaign that was strong on involvement and engagement.
  • Luxury chocolate Ferrero Rocher led all brands for involvement and engagement – thanks to a strong winter campaign with clear messaging.

Poorest performer this wave was Mengniu, investing more than any other marketer, but failing to finish in the top twenty in the EnSpire Index.

See the full top ten and R3’s Index vs Media Spend comparison below:

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EnSpire is a proprietary quarterly consumer tracking study conducted by R3 in China to measure the ENgagement and aSPIRation of brands online.
From digital awareness, involvement and enagement, we aim to bring more transparency to the investment made in Earned, Own and Paid media.
A panel of 3,000 consumers in 20 cities respond to our survey.
In addition, we invest in media and creative tracking to 'close the loop' on the cause and effect of brand engagement.
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