When it comes to adapting to digital, CMO insights from IBM’s C-Suite study revealed three predominant profiles among 500 CMOs across 56 countries and 19 industries:

  • Traditionalists: 25% of those surveyed fell into the Traditionalist category- These CMOs are characterized by their slower adaptation of analytics and data to collect insights and minimal engagement with customers on social media platforms.
  • Social Strategists: Social Strategists are known to be more ‘middle-of-the-road’ on the digital spectrum. These CMOs acknowledge and gear up for the great potential of social media as a tool to connect with customers, but are still not fully leveraging the opportunities that lie with data and analytics. 31% of CMOs surveyed identified with the Social Strategist profile.
  • Digital Pacesetters: Digital Pacesetters take on the data explosion head on, and anticipate the need to adapt to different platforms and devices. 43% of CMOs lie on this end of the digital spectrum. These CMOs recognize the need to integrate the digital with the traditional by tapping into data.

Across the board, the study found use of data analytics, design of rewarding customer experiences, and capitalization of new technologies to be three key prerequisites for achieving success in the digital age.

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In the fifth iteration of our bi-annual China AgencyScope report, we reached out to 425 senior marketers and surveyed 944 agency relationships across China. A large number of indicators from the report point towards a maturing ad market in the Mainland. Here are some key highlights from the report:

  • The duration of agency-client relationships is up 15% since 2012- the typical relationship now lasts 3.2 years, though this figure lags behind other emerging markets such as India (3.6 years) and Mexico (4.8 years)
  • Marketers are doing more with fewer agencies- the average company in China now uses 8 agencies, compared to 14 in 2012
  • Procurement for the win- in 2012, only 5% of marketers reported working jointly with procurement on compensation, but that figure leaped to 46.1% in 2014

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