In an annual survey of marketers last month, levels of optimism are at an all time high. On a scale of 0-100, global CMO’s scored at 65% in terms of their bullishness for the near and mid term. What held these great results back though was fully 49% of them were clear that “we have not been able to measure our social media impact” – yet at the same time predicting an on average 40% increase in investment over the coming 12 months. See more results here.

We’ve been working in several markets to give brands a better insight into what their customers, prospects and competitors are doing online. To read more about the latest wave of EnSpire research , click here.
Every marketer and agency is trying to remake themselves for the connected and social world, but with the scarcity of digital talent, few are applying the same depth of filters they would to past positions. This timely Harvard Business Review article makes the case that finding digital “omnivores” who also “eat their own dog food” will make the best digital talent for growth. Click here to read full article.
We’ve been fortunate to be able to work with the Asia Pacific Marketing Effectiveness Awards (Appies) for the last four years .? At a major two day event in Singapore recently, the most powerful communication in the region was awarded.? See all the winners here.
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