We've seen plenty of studies on how CEO's view their marketing teams, but this new study from Epsilon and eMarketer finally puts the shoe on the other foot.

In a survey of 1,000 CMO's, more than 44% mentioned that their C Suite just "don't get digital". The study categorized all marketers into three main groups – Leaders, Mainstream and Followers. Interestingly, 40%+ of Leader CMO's believe that Digital empowers everything they do, but this drops to as low as 1% for Followers.

The message in this study is clear – going digital is a business decision, not just a marketing decision – but it's the marketing leadership that needs to be at the forefront of the revolution.



As digital budgets continue to grow in the Middle Kingdom, China's marketers now account for more than 40% of regional spend, making the country a magnet for digital growth.

As this infographic shows, China’s Baidu (28%) still lags Google’s position in the US (47%) when it comes to search revenues, suggesting room to grow. 

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