Recently, Nestle Professor and President of IMD, Dominique Turpin, wrote a compelling piece about the death of the CMO. We already have seen the role of marketing diminish in Boardrooms around the world at the expense of the CFO and more measureable leaders. But at the same time, Dominique predicts a 'resurrection' for marketing 每 through a greater Customer focus. With the growth of Social, and more data enablement, he proposes some practical areas to track this change.

﹞ Make the CMO the CCO 每 Chief Customer Officer 每 where this person leads the voice of the customer.
Make the CEO the CMO 每 this is already happened in Apple under Steve Jobs and IKEA under Ingvr Kamprad.
Get the CFO on board too 每 Customer Data is now hard data, the Finance function can provide a strong platform to help benchmark and measure this.
Use Customer Knowledge to Build influence 每 with more customer leading insights, the marketing team can now really drive influence and change.

To read the whole article, go here.

For more on this argument, we also found this post amusing 每 "Why No One in Marketing Knows What they are doing" 每 with the rise in peer-to-peer marketing, strategies have to change, and the best marketers are already working on plans to this end.

Early next year, R3 will be running "CMO 2018" Roundtable sessions - to set the stage for the next five years of marketing. To find out more, write to

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R3 was proud to chair the recent "Appies" Awards to celebrate the best in Asian marketing effectiveness. R3 Principal, Goh Shu Fen led a team of more than twenty of the industry's top marketers to assess and vote on the best examples of driving results. To view the case studies of the winning campaigns, click here.

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Recently, we further updated "The Source" 每 the complete guide to 500 of China's top agencies, and the best in China's marketing cases.

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