While optimizing the user experience is on every marketer’s mind, optimizing organizational structure has fallen to the back burner. There is no shortage of specialists in every component to ensure optimization on every digital platform- but now the challenge for CMOs in 2014 will be to restructure their organizations to achieve real-time relevance for their users.

Here are a few structural challenges that CMOs will be facing in the coming year:

Map out user behavior for every channel

  • Analyzing how different platforms are used and how users behave 

Establish higher-level business objectives

  • Defining bigger picture objectives will be key to bringing focus and alignment when creating an overall strategy for each channel.

Appoint a marketing generalist to lead the charge

  • Coordinating the moving pieces across all channels and ensure seamless delivery of the user experience will require someone who understands the big picture along with the nitty-gritty details.
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Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi kicked off the New Year with a strong lead in online engagement. Using tools such as digital video, Weibo, and WeChat, these top brands were able to amplify their message and boost awareness among users.

To conduct the study, we asked 43,000 respondents a host of questions to gain greater insight into the link between Digital Recall and purchase intent among Chinese consumers. Here are some of the key digital engagement trends to look out for in 2014:

  • Foreign brands dominate in online engagement - Foreign brands occupied eight spots of the top ten online brands, with the exception of Xiaomi and Master Kong.
  • Different channels, varied recall - Major differences were found in levels of recall among respondents according to each brand. While Apple, Nike’s approach to Weixin was well-received, Apple performed best on Apps. 
  • Twenty-somethings choose digital media - While TV was the channel of choice for the older generation, respondents under 30 indicated digital platforms to be their media of preference.

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