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The role of digital in the marketing mix is only just beginning - as marketers look to build deeper, more engaging relationships with their prospects and customers, a digital-centricity will be crucial to drive growth. In this new article from Gartner, one of the world's leading Digital Consultancies, Richard Fouts identifies six key trends that will change your approach this year. Some trends include "Your customers become a free marketing force" - leveraging your followers to a more productive and positive outcome and "Many Business Models Become Software" - encouraging marketers to drive innovation online.  

Gartner come up with four clear recommendations for Digital Leadership:
1. Set Priorities - there's a big difference between what you can do and what you should do.
2. Become disciplined at Trend Watching - this needs to be ingrained in the company.
3. Prepare for Real Time Marketing - with "test and learns" built in.
4. Unleash your Personality - who you are still matters.

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In R3's proprietary benchmarking on China's inflation, we project a 7% increase overall in 2013 in marketer budgets - but stacked against a 14% increase in net inflation. For this year, marketers are going to have to work harder than ever to drive ROI on the mainland. Our study covers over 200 media channels from TV to Digital to Print to Outdoor. 

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Recently, we further updated "The Source" C the complete guide to 500 of China's top agencies, and the best in China's marketing cases.

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  Nestle protein powder targets health-conscious Chinese  
  Mercedes-Benz to sell limited-edition cars on Sina Weibo  
  Lenovo expands into TV  
  WeChat attracts 300m users in less than 2 years  
  Wahaha partners with Manchester United  

  Suning doubled its sales in 2012  


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Through our regular "AgencyScope" research ,now covering more than 1,000 marketers in China, India and other markets, we are learning about true client preferences for the best local agencies in each market and helping agency holding groups form strategic partnerships with the best local agencies.

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