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How will the
Internet of Things
impact your marketing 
How Unilever is building the ultimate marketing machine 
Publicis Groupe dominate 2014 M&A
How will the Internet of Things impact your marketing
It was the biggest news of the recent CES conference in Las Vegas – the “IoT”, the Internet of Things, the age of connected devices. 

It was showcased by Samsung, who offered a range of new solutions – and always absent from CES, Apple and its smart watch are just months away.

But what does this mean for the average humble marketer?

Almost every type of marketer can choose the right way to exploit this to build more data and business insights

From a beacon strip in a supermarket, to embedded RFID’s in packaging, you can find out more here
How Unilever is building the ultimate marketing machine
We’ve been honored to start working from 2014 with Unilever out of their global London office.

One of the things that struck us was the passion and commitment they have to innovation – in marketing as well as in product.

In this Havard Business Review article co-written by their CMO, Keith Weed,  we gain insights into how they and other top marketers are leading change.
Publicis Groupe dominate 2014 M&A
With the massive US$3.7b acquisition of Sapient Group, it’s no surprise Publicis Groupe finished atop our 2014 report on M&A within the marketing communications industry. 

What was surprising was that so many of the top firms in our list are based in China – led by Bluefocus, who recently acquired Canada’s Vision 7 / Cossette Group

See the full list here.

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