What are the key ingredients needed to align forces between CMOs and CEOs? A former CMO-turned-CEO from the jewelry industry shares a few tips in a Forbes article on what is required to have a successful CEO-CMO relationship:

A CMO must….

  • Be able to wear many hats.
    • A CEO needs a CMO to have an eye on more than just digital trends. Working cohesively across the C-Suite requires a CMO that is able to look broadly, while being able to pierce through fickle consumer habits.
  • Have a pulse on productive communication channels.
    • In the midst diverse channels and platforms that comprise the internet, a CMO must be able to allocate resources and zero in on the most effective channels.
  • Deftly handle complexity.
    • The growing complexity between local and global competitors calls for a CMO who can make decisions to maximize revenue while protecting the brand.
  • Represent the customer.
    • It is a CMO’s job to train every person in the company on how to communicate with all brand stakeholders.
  • Be metric and brand-centric.
    • The success of any company relies on being able to track and monitor the impact of marketing activities not just on the brand, but also on revenue.
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In our fourth annual China Digital Media Survey conducted in partnership with AdMaster, we reached out to over 300 leading digital marketing professionals across different industries to gain greater insight into China’s digital landscape. 

Here are some of the key digital media trends and ROI measurement challenges facing China’s marketers in 2014:

  • Growing gap between expectations and outcomes for digital- Only 17% of marketers believe that the current evaluation of KPIs meet expectations, highlighting the need for better-aligned KPIs.
  • Recalibrating Weibo & Wechat Strategy- Marketer perceptions of Sina Weibo have begun to shift from an interactive platform to an information medium. 80% of advertisers thinking of Weibo as the billboard in digital media marketing, while 52% of marketers point out that WeChat proves to be a challenging platform for reaching enough target consumers.
  • Launching into E-Commerce- E-commerce is on the forefront of the agenda for most marketers, with 80% of respondents launching e-commerce on mainstream platforms and 11% opening their own online shops.

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