This month , the highly respected Harvard Business Review committed a cover story and a large part of its magazine to the Future of Advertising.

It’s clear to us that to survive , advertising needs to evolve.

One article by Wes Nichols, the CEO of Marketshare had it clear that the use of Big Data to make smarter decisions is going to be fundamental.

An excellent interview with Martin Sorrell shows how the world’s largest holding group is trying to 'horizontalize'.

But it was the piece by Julia Kirby that caught our eye – Creative That Cracks the Code. Click here for a preview (sorry , subscribers only).

There’s some excellent digital cases in here from Coca-Cola and McCann in Hong Kong, Oreo’s campaign for “Daily Twist” driving crowdsourcing and Marks and Spencer’s brilliant campaign for “shwopping” , allowing customers to easily donate clothes to Oxfam and others charities (see more here).

It just goes to show that as the future approaches, great insights and great ideas will be more valuable than ever before.

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We recently produced a detailed whitepaper, following a survey with Asian marketers on how they work with their agencies.

The study covered multinational and local companies in China, Vietnam, India and SE Asia.
Three key trends came through
- Going Social – 82% of respondents see Social as one of their mainstream marketing vehicles now
- Breaking Alignment – 72% of companies broke an alignment to hire the best possible agency in their market for their needs.
- Creativity and Insights Matter – 91% ranked “Effective Creativity” as their key factor in reviewing their agency.

To get a copy of the full White Paper, write to

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Recently, we further updated "The Source" C the complete guide to 500 of China's top agencies, and the best in China's marketing cases.

Click here to see more.

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