In an industry that’s constantly in flux, it can be difficult to pinpoint where your marketing team fits in the bigger picture. With all the platforms and metrics to choose from, crafting a digital strategy can be likened to trying to pin down a moving target.

We were impressed when Adobe’s released a Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment tool specifically for marketers. The tool is designed to help marketers establish goals and create a roadmap to reach their digital benchmarks, by evaluating the people, processes, and products of a company. The outcome of the assessment provides an analysis on an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, along with recommended opportunities to prioritize.

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For all marketers in Asia with less than ten years experience,  this is your last chance to learn and improve with peers.

R3 is proud to be a part of MarketingWorks , a Campaign magazine initiative.

This intensive two day workshop with mentors from adidas, Unilever, Microsoft and others pits teams in a challenge to drive the best communications brief and plan.

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family tree



Want to keep track of who owns whom among agency groups worldwide?

Find it all in R3’s 2014 Agency Family trees for a breakdown by region, revenue, and holding company.

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R3 is a global marketing consultancy focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of marketers and their agencies. Founded in 2002, we work with eight of the world's top twenty global marketers.
Through our regular "AgencyScope" research ,now covering more than 1,000 marketers in China, India and other markets, we are learning about true client preferences for the best local agencies in each market and helping agency holding groups form strategic partnerships with the best local agencies.

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