In a new study by eConsultancy and The Festival of Media, CMO’s and their firm’s CFO’s are struggling from major differences in how to evaluate the power of marketing. It seems , in the financial department, the higher you go, the less marketing buzz terms you know – CMO’s are urged to use business language over Facebook likes and Twitter followers.  Unfortunately, one area that both sides are aligned is that neither are able to foresee the payback on their marketing investments – just 24% of CMO’s and 17% of CFO’s are accurately measuring ROI. 

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Some impressive statistics from Adobe out this month, that reflect on the potential of the CMO to change the organization - 53% of CMO’s have the potential to become CEO’s – and now the average tenure for the global CMO is an astonishing 45 months – more than double what it was eight years ago.

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We recently out together a first of its kind - a report on the latest trends in Social Media, and some of the agencies leading the way.

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