This month, we’re proud to publish for the first time, “Social 40”, a profile of 40 of the world’s top social media agencies from the US to Europe, and from Asia to Africa and Latin America.
Nothing has changed on the agency scene faster than Social.

The average age of the agencies in our report is five years and the average CEO is just 29.
Understanding the trends and how brands can benefit is a totally new challenge that every marketer needs to invest in.

From P&G to Coca-Cola to Mondelez, these 40 agencies are producing some of the most inspiring, engaging and talked about work on the planet. 

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It’s been quite a month to be Mark Zuckerberg.  Just when we thought we couldn’t be more impressed with his 30 minute impromptu Chinese interview in Beijing,  he announced Facebook’s three, five and ten year plans. 

Front and center is to make more of the acquisitions – WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and others – and create more than a billion active users with each , before monetizing them.

More interesting is his vision for virtual reality headset Oculus to become the next generation of computing and engagement.  

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More than 100 of China's best marketing case studies, and more than 500 of China's best agencies are all here.



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