According to tracking, the average tenure of the typical CMO is much longer than you think it is – at 45 months.

We are sure in developing markets such as China and Brazil, this number is significantly less. Yet despite this, it's still shorter than other C-Suite positions - and for a number of important reasons. The most resilient marketers have found ways to connect their work to business outcomes.

In this excellent article from Adobe's, six key areas are identified to improve the shelf life of the average CMO:

1.       Establish universal digital tracking standards – from our experience these are far too varied
2.       Connect to revenue – the most critical role for a marketing leader
3.       Start with simple attribution models – Rome wasn’t built in a day
4.       Move to advanced data modelling – set the path for growth
5.       Publicize findings and results – let your best news go viral and be open
6.       Act on insights – help close the loop on the process



Managing multiple relationships across disciplines and across countries is no easy task. When we look at our best performing companies in this area, they are doing three things well:

  1. Take feedback from anywhere – listen to what agencies have to say about your own team’s performance
  2. Use the review for variable compensation – for most relationships, it’s the critical factor in paying bonuses versus penalties
  3. Be innovative – one of our clients has agencies evaluate other agencies on integration.  Be open to new ideas

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